If you are looking to get fit, and smile doing it…we have two amazing studios in Oceanside, CA that are perfect for you! Private sessions, groups, and personal fitness plans are available.

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Fitter Is Funner - Kathy Babcock

Fitter Is Funner

A Studio that allows you to have fun while discovering a fitter happier you!

Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio by Kathy Babcock

Pilates Studio

Private Sessions in Dance, Personal Training, and Pilates! Come Discover!

SD Fit Biz by Kathy Babcock

Fitness Inspiration

Our best tips for a fun and healthy lifestyle!

Heighten Body Awareness


Don't get lost in a sea of faces. Join an intimate studio that cares about each person's level of fitness, and health goals.

Real Healthy Results
Are Achievable


We have a passion and love for helping our clients realize that 'Nutrition is OUR Prescription', along with reasonable exercise.

Kathy Babcock Fitness Lifestyle

Fitter Is Funner Studio

"Kathy is amazing. She makes you feel comfortable and you have a good time. Smiles and fitness!"

Cynthia C. Santa Monica, CA

Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio

"5 star experience, and I cannot wait to see these results over time. The best decision!"

Emiliano V. San Diego, CA

Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio

"If you like to have fun, don't be intimidated, this is the place for you. Pilates for all...and the best time!"

Jennifer P. San Diego, CA

Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio

"A wonderful experience that I would recommend to even my best of friends!"

Hugo C. Oceanside. CA

Fitter Is Funner Studio

"This Studio is clean and very nicely decorated. Certainly liked the vibe, and everyone is very nice!"

Sandra Rabie Murrieta, CA

Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio

"Don't expect to get lost in a sea of faces at this intimate studio. Kathy limits the number of students in each class so she can focus on correct placement so you remain injury free. She welcomes modifications based on each person's level of fitness. All shapes and sizes welcome."

Michelle M. Encinitas, CA

Proud To Be A Part Of KUSI News

Kathy Babcock assists KUSI Fitness Expert Cindy Whitmarsh with fun, high-energy workouts you can perform at home! Catch her every other week on Good Morning San Diego; San Diego's Local News Station.

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Treat Your Body Like A Temple

'We can feel, Fantastic, Focused, Fit, Fulfilled, and Free at any age! I continue to live by the idea we truly can achieve ANYTHING if we take small steps consistently. When we treat our bodies like a temple, and remember that it is the only place we have to live in, everything comes together!' - KB

You deserve flexibility, coordination, speed, agility, and endurance.

Provide a path to your inner harmony through a finely tuned meal plan.

Release tension, improve your balance, and proprioception.

Restore bone structure and stability to your optimal state.

Meet Kathy


Meet Kathy Babcock
Meet Kathy Babcock Fitness Expert

Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

“Kathy is an exceptional instructor. She is nurturing, encouraging, passionate about what she does and extremely knowledgeable. I like how she tailors a workout to my needs/physical issues and keeps the workouts challenging. I have never had a boring workout with Kathy, and I leave there energized and refreshed!” Carrie F.
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Choose Your Studio

Fitter is Funner or Healing Crown 2 Toe Studio?

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Kathy Babcock makes working out fun
Let's Have Fun!

Start your custom workout with Kathy, and see how much fun healthy can be!

Kathy Babcock Helps You Find A Healthy Balance
Healthy Balance

Consistency works when you find your healthy and enjoy life!

Honored To Have Amazing Clientele

Kathy considers it a privilege to have worked in studio with some great people!